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Since I am all about renewing my sense of hope and continuing to dare to Dair, I wanted to point something out.

In the finale, Blair did, in fact, admit that she loved Dan.

I think for us viewers things can end up being a little too black and white based on our own preferences, but really, for Blair it is all very much gray. I think it is important to note that she is shown as being in love with two men at once, very clearly. And yes, I do think this is possible. I don’t know what made her make the decision she did at the end, but I do know it wasn’t that she doesn’t love Dan, and that right there undermines every claim that Dan was just a prop for Chair.

Because while she doesn’t say it to Dan himself, she DOES admit in that ep that she loves Dan

She says to her mother “I don’t know which kind of love is better.”


She LOVES Dan.

She doesn’t ask which one she loves more, like her doubts in her diary so long ago voiced. She asks which kind of love is better.

The implication there is obvious. She loves them both, not more or less,  but in different ways. So we kind of did get our confession of love from her, and an A to that Q she asked in her diary, in that roundabout way GG has w/ Dair. I think if anything gives me hope for them, it is this. She loves Dan, she’s just conflicted.

Most importantly, is the odd, fractured, illogical series of events. I think when Blair went to meet Chuck, she might have been going to say goodbye. But seeing him hurt like that, she was moved, and felt compelled to be there for him. Having realized earlier that day that although she loved Dan, she also still loved Chuck, she felt compelled to tell him that. The line “Isn’t that what you want?” confirmed that for me. She had decided the moment she walked into that room and saw Chuck’s face to say to hell with it, she would be there for him through this, because she DOES still love him.

The important thing, though, is that she has admitted to us, and herself, that she loves Dan, and I do believe she had decided to choose him … initially. Blair had decided which kind of love was better. Dan was waiting at that party for her. But first, she needed to make a pit-stop. We didn’t get a Dair scene because it was supposed to happen after that scene where she went to say goodbye to Chuck. It was intentional that they didn’t give us a Dair goodbye because a Dair goodbye was never planned. She was on her way to meet Dan and ‘tell him where she stood”, but first, she did what most would do, and went to finally tell Chuck she was letting go. That he well and truly didnt have her heart anymore. It’s the respectful thing to do. The thing we would expect Blair to do for Chuck, just like we’d expected her to do for Dan. Because it isn’t like her to choose one and not tell the other (AHEM!). Why else would she visit Chuck first and totally ignore Dan’s request to meet him? Why else did it seem like those emails were her frantically trying to get talk him, when abruptly, she was on a roof spilling her heart out to someone else as if she hadn’t a care in the world? Dair goodbye never came because Blair’s course digressed in that moment she saw Chuck lose everything. She had never planned to tell Dan goodbye in the first place. She’d thought she’d made her choice. But then….

Here’s something else interesting that proves she has decided what the best kind of love is, which totally contradicts what appears to be her decision: the love she gives to chuck in that moment, is the love dan gave to her.

He says he has lost everything.

She says, he still has her.

She also reiterates what we heard Dan say earlier in the season, about not being able to kill a feeling. This echoes Dair. All of it.

This is the kind of love she learned from Dan. Not Chuck. And yet, in her choosing him, she gives Chuck that kind of love. Because she understands now that that is the better kind.

So it would be illogical to think she came to that realization (which she clearly had at that point) and then choose Chuck. This confirms for me it was a decision made on impulse, despite the realization she had come to.

Blair does this kind of thing. One of her specialties: warped logic. Luckily, we already know that Dan doesnt find that awful about her. With everything else, idk … I still really, really have hope for these two. So no more ranting from me about Chair. I am confidant again (at least for now) the GG writers are being purposefully vague and misleading for a reason. Just like how they never explicitly state Serena and Dan had sex, everything is way too open-ended and not as it seems. And that what seems obvious is ACTUALLY what is deceiving. And right now, Chair is the only obvious thing.

So. Yeah. I am okay with this. Bring on a little Dair angst, I think they can handle it. There is an expression, “lovely is not love until it bleeds” (and I dont mean Blair’s face :| ). What I mean is, these two love each other, and they’ll find their way back. I think it is time for Dan to make a grand gesture, honestly; I think by ignoring those emails Dan showed Blair he wasn’t willing to fight for her. It may have been the thing that pushed her to confirm her rash choice of Chuck. But … Dan needs to fight for her, and if his love for her is strong enough, he will. And that could change it all, since that last scene was based on the assumption he wouldn’t.  (You fought for me all year, she says to Chuck at the casino  — Clearly, Blair has been thinking about who is fighting for her. Right now, it feels as if that is Chuck, but we all know that’s a lie. Again, she is just confused and conflicted, and Dan’s actions, spawned by his insecurities over Chuck, are not doing a good job of making her realize otherwise). So, yes, a grand gesture is in order. And  tbh my heart melts just thinking about these two feeling lost w/o each other and it leading them back together. in a weird way, this needs to happen. Where they stood @ 5x23, Blair might have always wondered if she wasn’t simply taking the easier path, and Dan might have always harboured those same insecurities that Chuck would always be on the sidelines. It would eventually destroy them. It almost has. But by this happening now, they NOW have the OPPORTUNITY to overcome that. To well and truly choose one another, without a doubt. So I’m not mad. I’m not mad at all.


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